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BLUEWAVE is a global e-commerce based direct selling company that provides customers around the world with unique high-quality products and services, while giving them the opportunity to build a sales business by promoting these products. 

A truly global business, BLUEWAVE’s strength lies in our diversity. We may be Kenyan by heritage, but our distributors are spread across Africa, the Middle East, South and East Asia, Central Asia, and Europe. The company’s global footprint has helped develop micro-entrepreneurs in many emerging economies.

We bring people together from around the world. Our customers and distributors have become part of a global community, helping people take charge of their lives. We need to achieve Millions of satisfied customers and Millions active distributors who are have transformed their lives with us.



BLUEWAVE is a leader in a wide range of capabilities around the world, sourcing, storage, delivering products and services to customers in different parts of the world. With a well-established international presence, we maintain a network of offices and local business operations to help meet the needs of our customers.

Corporate Responsibility
At, BLUEWAVE we take pride in conducting business with a broad perspective, taking into account customers, employees, shareholders, the environment and communities in which we operate.

As we continue to grow, we remain committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards, embracing diversity and becoming an ideal corporate citizen. We do so by implementing our core values: taking responsibility for the quality we put forth, delivering customer satisfaction, demonstrating leadership, acting with integrity, valuing our people, and treating our suppliers as essential team members.




BLUEWAVE Multi supplies Limited has also an online shopping marketplace, as one of the latest newest growing e-commerce marketplace in Kenya, offers online shopping experience which supports not only consumer-to-consumer (C2C) transactions, but also Business-to-Consumer (B2C) relationships.

Offering various categories of products, Bluewave allows customers to buy electronics, dry food products, property, fashion, watches, garments & more from various our online shopping stores within a convenient and safe environment. BLUEWAVE caters your needs by expanding our product range, and we offer the finest selection of products. Either for personal or business, BLUEWAVE has more than thousands of products across all categories, including handphones, laptops, cameras and gadgets, household goods, fashion and accessories, beauty products and personal care, toys for kids, and many more! Shopping in BLUEWAVE is never boring everyday, and can discover stuffs that never seen in retail ever before.

BLUEWAVE opens to everyone to shop and buy hassle-free. Our aim is to provide our customer with the best experience while shopping in Bluewave.

If you are keen to be a seller, we provide the opportunity for you to have your own personalised store at a low cost. We also have our dedicated classroom for you to learn the tips to open a successful online store.

For any enquiries, BLUEWAVE has a dedicated customer support team to serve you and answer your questions. You are our highest priority in BLUEWAVE. So, start your online shopping experience with us! Remember, we will always be there for you.


We believe in the transformative power of technology and want to change the world for the better by providing a platform to connect buyers and sellers within one community

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